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Check out the new mini cruiser Dynamic Yachts 19, a next generation swing keel sailboat.


Its simple standing rigging reduced to upper and lower shrouds and a stay with a jib furler guarantee that even inexperienced sailors will easily be able to handle D/19. Ballast provides a large righting moment ensuring safe sailing even in strong winds.

Thanks to its small size and weight, this yacht will boost your adrenaline and give you the opportunity to explore waters outside your home port, because it can be easily towed behind any mid-size car.


Technical data:

Length overall: 6,30 m
Length hull: 5,85 m
Beam: 2,44 m
Draught: 0,23 - 1,20 m
Mast height: 8,70 m (from waterline)
Bottom ballast weight: 250 kg
Centreboard weight: 50 kg
Yacht weight: ca. 720 kg
Height in salon: 1,40 m
Sail area: 16 m2
Berths: 4


D/19 is a small size boat with quite a spacious interior featuring 4 berths, a galley, a table mounted on the centreboard case, lockers under the berths and shelves.







Upon request, D/19's working areas of the deck can be marked using a different gelcoat colour - a light grey, or we can cover the cockpit with Flexiteek.







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There are two versions of rigging available: recreational rigging with a smaller total area (16,1 m2) of the sails on a smaller mast, and a racing setup for T1 class racing (17,7 m2).


D/19 in a racing setup has already proven its strength scoring top places in sailing races.




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Berths inside the yacht are located partly under the cockpit, where a chemical toilet can also be set up. The galley is installed on the boat’s left side between the V-berth and the mess. The galley locker and the shelf for personal belongings located on the right side strengthen the construction of the hull and the deck.








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